Eshop Vlnolam

Project description: Ecommerce solution The online sale of wool, yarn and hooks was a small challenge for us. Client input was clear, filterable product variants and the ability to create multiple attributes for each product. Among other things, eshop must have ability to track warehouse stock, connect CMS to social networks, and process client [...]

Eshop Baby Brand

Project description: Ecommerce solution Client required ecommerce solution that was dedicated to the most important member of our society, children. The attractive appearance of the website along with its functionality was a priority in this project. Go to BabyBrand.sk Project realisation Based on the client's requirements, we [...]

Architectural studio FVA

Project description: Create a website Client requirement was to create unique website, which will be representing high quality of services provided by FVA studio. High emphasis was focused on minimalist and clean web design with focus on SEO principles. Go to Fva.sk Project realisation We have [...]

Prototype FOU ZOO

Project description: Create a website Fou Zoo is one of the most exclusive restaurant in Bratislava. The goal of the proposal was to represent the need for a restaurant to differentiate itself from others while opening up to new clients. While making design we were focused on pillars of the client: hight quality [...]

Gastroenterological center ASSIDUO

Project description: Create a website For one of the largest gastroenterological center in Slovakia - ASSIDUO, we were responsible for creating a modern, health-conscious website. The bonus was that whole project was made with our Appbook reservation system to manage patient booking requests. Go to Assiduo.sk Project realisation The [...]

Appbook System

Project description: Create a website For our booking system (AppBook) for planning, optimising, and managing appointment dates for doctors and healthcare facilities, we needed to create a modern presentation website that meets all the standards set for current web applications. Go to Appbook.sk Project realisation We needed an [...]

Mavín Winery

Project description: Create a website Requirements from the client was clear. The previous website was no longer meeting the values that the winery Mavin had set. Our goal was to rebuilding website from the ground with focus on design principles of winery. Go to Mavinvino.sk Project realisation We [...]

EZ Globe

Project description: Create a website For our france partner dealing with translations and localisation services, we were responsible for preparing a website in CMS Joomla! with build in ability to display premium content after sign-up. Language variations in English and French were also a condition of further expansion. Go to Ezglobe.sk [...]

Pharmacy “Na námestí”

Project description: Create a website We were requested to create good-looking website for pharmacy located in city of Skalica (Slovak republic). The requirements where straight modern web site with the possibility of writing a blog and connection to social networks. Go to Nanamesti.sk Project realisation Upon discussion with [...]

Eshop Vinopredaj.sk

Project description: Create a website with eshop Client request was relatively simple. Create an website with ecommerce platform for selling glass wine and an assortment, together with ability to write blog posts and connection to social networks. Go to Vinopredaj.sk Project realisation For this client, we have already [...]